10 Ideas to Bring Sizzle to Your Summer Creativity

Summer is a great time to bring sizzle to your creativity. Even though much of the world drops down a gear over the summer, creativity is never on vacation. In fact, it might just be the time you find your creativity kicking into high gear. Summer often brings a more relaxed atmosphere with school out, travel, and longer daylight hours. I have found that when I’m more relaxed and less stressed, it’s easier for me to elevate my creative game.


So here are 10 ideas to bring sizzle to your summer creativity:

  1. Sit around a campfire. Watching the sparks fly and hearing the embers sizzle is just the ticket to dream a little. Let your imagination run wild as you watch the fire slowly dim down.
  2. Walk on the beach. Whether it’s the ocean or a local lake, simply being close to the water, listening to the waves, and taking in the fresh air is more than enough to light a creative fire. Go out there with the predetermined intention to come up with three creative ideas.
  3. Read something you normally wouldn’t. If you tend to read fiction read a non-fiction book. If you tend to read non-fiction read a novel. Here are ideas for each… Fiction: Motherless BrooklynNon-Fiction: Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind.
  4. Take a day trip. It’s not always easy to plunk down big bucks for an extravagant vacation. What about simply taking a couple of day trips this summer? Here are 20 of them right here in Florida alone. I’m sure there are plenty where you live, as well.
  5. Watch a sunset. Find a place where you can view a spectacular sunset. Most every state has picturesque places to do just that. Anna Maria Island here in Florida is one such place. As you watch the sun set imagine what the people are doing where the sun is coming up.
  6. Ride a bike. You could ride your own bike or, even better, get to a big city and rent one of those bikes by the hour. As you do so, notice the new things that are passing by all around you. Make up stories in your mind of the things you see.
  7. Learn a new skill. With the extra time you (may) have, try to learn something you always wanted to know how to do. Pick up the guitar. Try watercolors. Write a poem. There are all kinds of online tools and videos to help you out.
  8. Go to a garage/yard sale. But go with the mind to find something unique and interesting…something you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Use the object or item to inspire a creative project.
  9. Have a picnic. When was the last time you did this? Go to a local park and bring your lunch. Creativity comes in when you try to make your picnic as “gourmet” as you possibly can. Then, as you eat, look for further inspiration in the natural surroundings.
  10. Go see that summer blockbuster. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, go see one of the big blockbuster movies that comes out this summer. Jot down some of the creative elements you see. What can the creative moments in movies teach you about your own creativity?

What would you add to this list?

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