Finding Art in Funny Places Feeds Creativity

Art pops up in some funny places. My wife, Tammy, likes a certain kind of kleenex because they are thicker and supposedly anti-viral, killing 99.9% of cold and flu viruses. What intrigues me about this type of kleenex is the box.

I love the art. It’s supposed to be pictures of little viruses. Whoever created the art thought “outside the box” (haha). The colorful little creatures brighten up a room and add some whimsy to a countertop. The boxes are bright, eye-catching, and fun.

If you keep your eyes open you can find art almost anywhere. Design, composition, and creativity can be seen on billboards, in grade school classrooms, and at offices. Some is excellent. Some is kitschy. Some is awful. But it can all be inspirational and add to your own creative process.

Opening your eyes to art in your daily life can spur on thoughts that lead you down a creative path. Even bad art can tell you where you don’t want to go with your current project.

Finding art in funny places is an excellent exercise for creatives of all ages. If you teach a class, ask them to look around the room and use something familiar as a starting p0int for an art project. If you write, use a catchy phrase from an ad as a starting point for your daily writing exercise. If you paint, imagine what a virus might look like.

Find art in funny places and feed your creativity.

Where have you seen funny art that inspired you?

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