“Stolen” Creativity

Recently I have run across a number of people carrying out ideas that I thought were my very own. They had the vision to get their ideas up and running, and I’m left behind to consider where I went wrong, or why I wasn’t quick enough to get out there first.

It’s a frustrating thing for anyone who considers him or herself a “creative.” What if someone gets there first? Why couldn’t I put my idea into action quickly enough? Where am I falling short? Am I a creative failure?

Actually, it’s a good thing to have someone beat you to the punch every once in a while. Here’s why:

  1. It provides motivation to do what blogger extraordinaire, Seth Godin, always encourages: “Ship!” Don’t dwell on your idea. Make it happen, and get it out the door!
  2. It gives you the opportunity to refine your idea.  Maybe the way the usurper carried out the idea had room for improvement. How can it be refined and rededicated according to your purpose and vision?
  3. It means impetus to keep dreaming, creating, and visioning. There are more ideas from where those one or two came that are equally, if not more, unique and ready to be revealed to the masses.
  4. It tells you to tone down your (ok…my) envy and jealousy and work to make something that will have others longing to be a part of.
  5. It’s actually affirmation that what you have been thinking, dreaming, and creating is something that indeed can be carried out to execution and consumed by the general public.

So when you see someone taking one of your ideas and running with it, toss aside the envy and jealousy and get back to work! Your day will come. I promise.

How do you deal with someone else using, stealing, or borrowing your idea?

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