A Modern Day Psalm of Praise

I’ve recently been part of a 10-week Bible study called The Rooted Experience. It has caused me to really study, pray, journal, and connect with a great group of believers. One of our recent assignments was to write a psalm of thanks and praise. “Aha!” I thought. “That’s right up my alley.”

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

For He has given me:

Parents who raised me well, a wife who loves me well, children who are a wellspring of blessings

Pizza, pasta, and wine

Oh, yeah. And Mexican food

Crosby, my grandson, who simply makes the world a better place

A home I love, a car that works, and a bike to ride

A church to serve, a salary to suffice, and a beautiful worship space to praise the Lord

Warm(er) weather!

Friday nights, sunny mornings, and sometimes showery evenings

Florida birds, beautiful flowers, and far away stars

The ability to write, to speak, to lead

Good books to peruse, devour, and read

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

For a Father who made me who I am

For a faith that points to the Son of Man

For a Spirit who keeps me in spite of me

Hallelujah to the Lord who loves me! 


+.  +   +


If you were to write your own psalm of thanks and praise, what would it look like?

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5 thoughts on “A Modern Day Psalm of Praise

  1. I’m not sure what I would write – but what you wrote is amazing. A beautiful kaleidoscope of your life. As I read it – I could hear you saying it. That mean’s – “it’s good!!”

  2. Thank you for this precious & personal psalm, Tom, and the challenge at the end, too. I’m thanking our Lord for the joy of joining Tammy’s parents at the Wednesday noon Lenten services at Trinity, and fellowship with them at the luncheon following the services. And they sometimes share a recent photo/video of Crosby on great-granddad’s phone! I love it!! dj

  3. Hey Tom,

    I read your article on a Modern Day Psalm of Praise some time ago and wrote my own. Tomorrow I am having Bible study at my home and we are spending time writing our own Psalm of Praise and Thanksgiving. Thank you for the inspiration and creative idea!