10 Florida Things to Which I Look Forward

If you read my last post you know that I’m really going to miss my hometown for all sorts of reasons. But it’s a very bittersweet time, because there are things about my new hometown and new state about which I am really looking forward. We’ll be hitting the ground in the heat of a Florida mid-summer, ready to live and serve.

So here are 10 Florida things to which I look forward:

  1. Sunshine. I’m one of those people that needs sunshine, and lots of it! Gray days get me down. Wisconsin winters are full of them. Florida winters (I’m told) are full of Mr. Golden Sun. It’ll do me good.
  2. Disney. If you know anything about our family, you know that we (and I mean ALL FOUR of us) love Disney. Tammy and I even honeymooned there (Honeymoonin’ 85! Woohoo!). It’ll be almost surreal to live just down the road.
  3. The People of Ascension Lutheran in Casselberry. Our first introductions to the people of Ascension have been tremendous. We have seen a sense of service, a sense of ministry and outreach, and a great sense of humor. We look forward to new and lasting relationships and a great deal of hard work that matters for the sake of the Kingdom.
  4. No More Winter. (See #1) All my life I have wanted to live in a place where blistering cold and snowy winters were something that other people experienced. I never ever thought it would be. The older I get the more I have found it difficult to tolerate Wisconsin winters. I’m really looking forward to never having to shovel, scrape off my car, or track my way through snow.
  5. Getting to Know a New City. I have always been a “city person” at heart, and I look forward to exploring the nooks and crannies of Orlando, discovering new places to eat, shop, and create art.
  6. Welcoming Visitors. We love to entertain and plan on having a place where people from out of town can come and stay when they’re in the area for Orlando’s wonderful attractions. A place will always be waiting for our family and friends…even those who want to escape the northern winters for a brief respite.
  7. The Latino Culture. It’s a culture with which I have had little contact, but want to get to know much better as Ascension and I move forward in ministry. I’d even like to pick up some Spanish. Any tutors out there?
  8. The Winter Park Farmer’s Market. On a recent visit we went to this farmer’s market in the quaint suburb of Winter Park. It’s held every Saturday of the year but one. I can’t wait to use year-round fresh produce for my cooking.
  9. Exploring the State. I’ve never been to Miami, Key West, or the Everglades. I’d like to eventually visit them all. It’ll be fun to compare the east coast with the west coast, and discover some of the beauty the state of Florida has to offer.
  10. Our Kids. It’ll be great living near @ashyliz and having @beggebrecht come to visit. They love Florida, and we love them.

If you were moving to a new place, what would you most anticipate?

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9 thoughts on “10 Florida Things to Which I Look Forward

  1. Don't throw away that ice scraper just yet. There are a few mornings in January/February where you may need it. Y yo hablo espanol!

  2. I love your list. You'll find more things to like, too. Do you like the water? If you like to swim, you can do it almost year round. It's so nice to swim under the clear blue sky. You'll have a few things to adjust to: the heat in the summer, the bugs, two seasons rather than four, and did I say heat and bugs? It sounds like your family would like a year round Disney Pass. We're already making plans for the July 8th service. It will be special! Tomorrow will be one year since our beloved Pastor Dave Mulder went to be with the Lord. Say a prayer for his wife, Mary Jo and daughters, Audra and Tara.

  3. my friend. i could not be more excited for you! i am a florida girl, having grown up in ft. lauderdale… and know that you are going to love it so much! it's going to give you so much joy! for sure.


  4. Pastor Tom:

    You'll need a little help.. so here are the top ten things you should know before you arrive:

    1. First, don't swim at the beach before April or after November.. it's rediculously cold… we chuckle at people in 70 degree water.

    2. Put rice in the salt (figure it out), Grits are a staple, fold cereal bags TIGHTLY and when the waitress asks you, you always respond 'Sweet Tea'

    3. "Well, bless his heart"… is not a compliment… it's sympathy when someone does something you just don't know what to make of

    4. White legs just won't work – try Jergen's Natural Glow lotion.. with tint – burning is bad and lables tourists.

    See #3.

    5. Sweaters and coats are mostly a fashion thing.. wear them at about 70 degrees.. see #1.

    6. We do have a change of seasons… the hotel rates change and I-75 is a parking lot

    7. Wipers and lights in the rain – or when it's cloudy.. in anticipation of some rain or hurricanes.. AND Casselberry is the lighting capitol of the world.. really.

    8. We don't wear shoes .. not in the house.. not outside, not when visiting friends homes…church and work, yes..

    9. We usually say 'Hey'.. rather than "Hi".

    10. And finally.. we're here to help you with this.. it took a while with Nowicki.. it's the drawl, ya'll…

    See ya'll soon!