3 Ways the Right Friends Inspire Creativity

The other day we got a card in the mail with the envelope addressed like this: “My Good Friends – The Eggebrecht’s.” What a wonderful piece of mail to receive. Not only is it phenomenally fantastic to receive an actual handwritten piece of mail these days. It’s even more exciting to receive one addressed like that. It’s a reminder what a good idea it is to surround yourself with friends that inspire your creativity.


The card inside the envelope was proof that it’s inspirational to be around people who are “good.” The opposite is also very true. When you find yourself around people who are negative it will stifle your will to make something new. When you find yourself around people whose motives are questionable you will find yourself worrying more about the relationship than the freedom to do new things. When you find yourself around people who are always serious your brain probably won’t be able to make interesting connections.

Sometimes it’s best to simply exclude yourself if at all possible from people who bring you down. It’s not helpful for your career, your demeanor, or your creativity. You can read more about that here. The better thing to do is to surround yourself with people who are positive, loyal, and fun.

  1. The right friends are positive. The friend who sent us the aforementioned card in the mail is always positive, has a smile on her face, and is a joy to be around. Positivity breeds creativity. When those around you are positive it’s much easier to be positive when you are on your own and in need of creating something new.
  2. The right friends are loyal. Loyalty is a rare commodity. People in our lives far too often come and go. Friends that stick with us are the ones that bring a sense of stability in life. Where there is stability there is confidence. When you are confident you are much more apt to create something new and beautiful.
  3. The right friends are fun. If you can’t have fun with your friends when will you have fun? We have a group of friends that loves to hang out with each other. We go to a Trivia Night at an Irish Pub on Wednesday nights, we go out to dinner, we gather together at each other’s homes. There’s just something about a fun evening with friends that provides a boost of energy and creativity the next day.

When you find, and stick with, the right friends you will be prolific in your creativity. Creative things often have to be made in solitude. But the fuel for that creativity often comes from the people around whom we find ourselves on a regular basis.

What have the right friends taught you about creativity?

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