How Adding Serendipity to a Plan Brings the Best Surprises

Serendipity is a welcome guest. At least that’s the way I look at it. “Serendipity” means “fortunate circumstance” or “pleasant surprise.” You can read the story of how the word was coined here. This word came to my mind because we have some friends going to New York. I love New York. And I love the way my wife and I see New York every time we visit. It’s serendipitous. So I love to show others the way we let serendipity happen when we visit the greatest city in the world.

We do it by making a plan but allowing serendipity to happen. The plan comes every morning when we get out our deck of New York City Walk cards. We pick two or three cards that guide us on neighborhood walks. Then we head out to the subway and make our way to that part of the city.

The great part about it is that the cards are only a guideline. We never fail to have something serendipitous happen when we use the cards and walk the neighborhoods. In New York City there are pleasant surprises all along the way. We find restaurants, or shops, or street performers, or any other of a myriad of things that New York has to offer. The walking plan is great. But the surprises in New York’s wonderful neighborhoods are even greater.

Isn’t this all part of what makes life so grand? We have a plan, but then there are surprises. Sometimes those surprises are trying or difficult. But other times they are filled with the best kind of fortunate circumstances we could ever imagine. Either way, a plan that is deviated makes life fascinating, creative, and interesting. If everything went according to plan life would be so humdrum.

Why not try it today? Make a plan for the day. Try this one. Then watch for the surprises that come along. More often than not they will teach you an important lesson or fascinate you with a new idea.

What serendipitous experience have you had today?

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