An Anniversary Worth Noting

Today we are headed to Chicago. Our children are coming from Orlando and Nashville. Their cousins are coming from St. Louis. My sister and her family are coming from Cleveland. My other sister and her husband are coming from the far western suburbs.

These days it takes something pretty special and important, planned far in advance, to get us all together. I guess you could say the event that brings us together this weekend is pretty special and important.

My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday. More than fifty years ago two friends set them up on a blind date. Apparently they hit it off, and it led to something relatively rare in this day and age: a successful marriage.

There are many things I appreciate and love about my parents, but here are just a few:

  • They raised us kids in the faith and gave us a Christian education. That faith has been passed on to every single one of their grandchildren, as well.
  • They are always generous, welcoming, and hospitable.
  • My dad is creative, artistic, and a great teacher. I have had many, many people over the years tell me that he was one of the best teachers they ever had.
  • My mom is intelligent, well-read, and the nervous energy behind our entire family. She is the one who gives us all our drive, intensity, and passion.
  • They are both great sports fans. Especially the Packers and Brewers…of course.
  • They have taught us appreciation for culture…especially theatre.
  • They have both instilled in us the importance of education.
  • They love us unconditionally, and would do anything for us.
  • They have encouraged us to pursue our passions (and even more so their grandchildren).
  • They love to travel.

My dad is never seen without a book in his hand. 

One never has to wonder about my mom’s opinion.

There is a cartoon on their refrigerator that pretty much says it all. It’s a husband and wife sitting at the desk of a marriage counselor. The wife is saying: “It’s annoying that he always has to have the second-to-last word.”

I guess that’s why it has worked for fifty years.

Love you, Mom and Dad.

Happy 50th Anniversary!

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5 thoughts on “An Anniversary Worth Noting

  1. Congratulations to your wonderful parents! It is a milestone that needs to be celebrated in style. Enjoy the weekend as you celebrate the blessings of marriage and family that God has given to you. And to your folks, may the Lord continue to bless their years together!

  2. Congratulations to your wonderful parents! What a wonderful weekend it will be with all of the family together. May god continue to bless your family. It's so heartwarming to hear stories like yours. God is so good to those that love him. Safe travels next week.