The Benefit of Doing the Very Thing You Don’t Want To

There are very few things in life more difficult than a first-time mom going back to work after maternity leave. Our daughter has been dreading doing just that since the very day she left work to have her baby. Since then it’s been three full months of maternity leave bliss. She has enjoyed every day and every minute with her sweet little baby. She’s enjoyed midday walks and freedom from the confines of a daily job. But today’s the day. It’s hard for her to see the benefit of going back to work at all.

There is benefit to doing difficult things in life. Sure, that first day back to work is difficult for a first-time mom. And there will be more difficult days. The first day of Kindergarten. Kids at school making life difficult. Driving off in the car for the first time. And what it all really builds up to…the dreaded first day of college, and the empty nest.

The point is that difficult days raising children incrementally prepare us. We are never really ready for the day the empty nest becomes a reality. But we become just a bit more calloused the more we go through the stages and ages of life. We learn to know that as children grow there will be constant reminders of the passing of life. Things will not always be easy. Raising children isn’t.

Doing what we don’t want to isn’t easy. And I hate to be a fatalist, but it’s part of life. So if that’s true, we had better find the good in the things we dislike.

  • Back to work after a baby means that you have a job and are bringing in income and benefits
  • A job you dislike means learning experiences which will help in future positions
  • Taking a test at school means you’ve had the opportunity to learn new things
  • Surgery means potential healing
  • Going to the dentist means you get to keep your teeth

Life in this world can be difficult. It means doing difficult things. But when you do something difficult today, look for the silver-lining benefit. Your life will be the better for it.

What have you learned from doing something difficult?

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