The Benefits of Confidence in the Midst of Adversity

If you want to see confidence in the midst of adversity, just take a look at Jordan Spieth. Talk about adversity! Spieth took the lead into the final round of the British Open Golf Tournament (one of golf’s four major championships). But he began to give it up in the middle of that final eighteen holes. Shots went awry and his score began to climb. Most people would have let their confidence lag. But not Spieth. If you’ve got a few minutes you can see how he handled it here.

In the middle of what could have been an epic implosion, Spieth’s caddy, Michael Greller, gave him the boost he needed. According to the New York Post, this is what transpired:

“Do you remember that group you were with in Cabo last week?’’ Greller asked Spieth when they were on the seventh tee, referring to some time he spent with Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps. “You belong in that group. You’re that caliber of an athlete. But I need you to believe that right now, because you’re in a great position in this tournament. This is a new tournament. We’re starting over here.’’

From there Spieth took control and won the tournament. He made long, dramatic putts, hit shots out of the sand, and made great drives all the way to victory. It all boiled down to confidence in the midst of adversity. And a little boost from a friend.

I’m not going to compare anything I do to the intense pressure of millions of eyes watching my every golf shot. But everyone goes through their own share of adversity. For instance, many churches face a significant downturn in attendance over the summer months. Our church is no different. People travel, participate in activities, or are simply lazier in the summer. To be completely honest I sometimes wonder if I’m the reason people are staying away.

But I have a wife who gives me a vocal boost when I need it. She reminds me of what’s important and why I should be confident. And I carry on doing my job and fulfilling my vocation to the best of my ability.

So these are the benefits to confidence in the midst of adversity:

  1. It keeps your focus on the goal instead of on distractions.
  2. It keeps the people around you calm.
  3. It gives you inner strength.
  4. It taps into your natural competitiveness.
  5. It gives you something to go on in the future.

When you find yourself in adversity listen to those who know you best, keep your eye on the goal, and remember how you have previously overcome.

How do you overcome adversity?



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