Brothers and Sisters: Love Each Other

We have a video that is famous in our family only. It was taken shortly after our son, Ben, learned to ride a bike. There he is in front of our house, riding around. And into the picture comes his sister, Ashlyn. She is obviously much more skilled and literally riding circles around him.

Problem is, every time she gets within ten feet of him, Ben begins to panic. He yells at her to stay away. You parents know how it goes next. The more Ben yells, the more Ashlyn taunts him. The more he screams, the closer she gets. Ahhh, sibling rivalry.

As I write this, those same two children are spending a week together. Ben just finished his junior year of college, and for his vacation he decided not to come home to Milwaukee and visit his parents. Instead, he decided he would take the Megabus to Orlando and visit his sister for a week.

Are these the same two children on that video who were taunting one another and screaming? Actually, yes they are. Though they had their bouts of sibling rivalry over the years, these two really, really love each other. They have stayed in touch as they went to colleges hundreds of miles away from one another. They talk to each other on the phone, and text often. They truly care for each other and enjoy spending time together.

Is there anything that warms a parent’s heart more?

The Psalms say, “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him” (Psalm 127:3). God’s Word of truth speaks the truth once again. For this heritage, this reward, I am thankful. Our children love one another. What more could we ask?

The love siblings have for one another ought never be taken for granted. There are far too many instances where this is far from the case. Wedges have been driven between siblings by words or deeds and they refuse to even speak. So when children love one another it is a glimmer of the glory of God.

Children, do your parents a favor: Love each other. And show it. This will warm their hearts like nothing else.

What’s a story you can tell about children or siblings loving one another?

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2 thoughts on “Brothers and Sisters: Love Each Other

  1. Great post, Tom! I can only hope that mine grow up feeling the same. Mine are still in the taunting and teasing phase.

  2. Wonderful story! I still treasure my brother and sister. I don't feel complete without hearing from them! Sibling love is truly strong and I thank God everyday for having them in my life.