College Carpe Diem

Ben went back to school today. Back to Music City. Back to warmer weather. Back to the place that inspires him and the people that support him. Back to a place that is a passing point along the way, but a place that he increasingly calls “home.”

He was home for spring break with a few friends. They came. They played. They conquered (lots of food).

He went back to the place where possibility floats through the air like pollen on a spring day. He goes to a school where monumental talent surrounds him. The location provides opportunity almost unequaled. Across the street is Music Row. Down the road is the world-famous Bluebird Cafe. Downtown is the Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame. ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC all have offices there. Recording studios and music companies dot the urban landscape.

Ben loves music and music loves him. He has written. He has recorded. He has formed a band called “My Red and Blue” (ask him the story behind that name…). He has hard copy CD’s of his EP (acronyms, acronyms…) called, “I Might Miss This.” He has been given opportunities to shop his music up and down music row.

I’m not sure how well Ben knows that he stands at a major crossroads in his life. College time seems to move faster than almost any other time of life. It’s here today and gone tomorrow. It’s a life filled with both responsibility and freedom. It’s a place where dreams are hatched and ideas take root. But nothing is yet written in the cement.

Some seize the day. Others let opportunity slip away. It’s never too early to start living your dream and shipping your goods.

Funny, isn’t it, how children sometimes inspire their parents?! If only the wisdom of “age” could be coupled with the energy and ideas of youth.

Ben went back to school today. May he seize the day.

What is it that inspires you enough to seize the day and ship your goods?

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5 thoughts on “College Carpe Diem

  1. What a great post. May he seize the day, indeed!
    I vividly remember the first university I attended showing Dead Poets Society to all of the freshmen. "Seize the day" sounded so easy at the time. In retrospect, there seems to be very little "seizing" that takes place, mostly because the risk gets greater and greater with age. That, and actually seizing something takes work.
    But that's not what you asked! What inspires me today is to seize opportunities that will provide for my family. Climb the ladder; work the extra hours; travel away from them occasionally; be outstanding; produce and ship epic work. I am blessed enough to be working on a project that is ALL opportunity and I'm trying (almost) every day to seize it. Maybe it's just experience, but the thing they don't tell you about Carpe Diem is that is darn hard work — at least to do it right.
    Thanks again for the post. Wonderfully thought provoking!

    • John: Your reply just gave me goose bumps. You are right on. I've been reading a great deal lately about that very topic, and over & over again the mantra is "work hard," "go the extra mile," "do what others aren't doing," "keep at it." I'm so glad that you are in a place where you are able to seize the opportunity. Here's encouragement to keep at it! Thanks, again!

  2. Tom you captured it!

    Thanks for being the kind of dad that makes me miss mine (in all the rights ways). His support and friendship … his earnest expressions of awe in me … are key to my present happiness.

    And thanks for having the kind of son who makes me look to mine with the happy hope of learning from him.

    Peace, Pete.

    • You just made me tear up, reading your response. I have been one of the MANY blessed by your dad's contributions through Creative Communications. And now through you, as well. Indeed, "earnest expressions of awe" are a great gift parents can give to children.