Creating a Clean and Lively Atmosphere for Creativity and Learning

My wife, Tammy, has always been an “environmental watchdog” of sorts. What I mean is that she sees the necessity for bright, clean, orderly, and “put together” public spaces and work places.

I have appreciated the way she has always kept our home that way. I wonder if other people notice that she does it in her church and school work place, as well. This past week she, along with her co-workers, have been preparing for a new school year:

  • Brightly colored bulletin boards
  • Swept corners
  • Colorful fabric creatively hung
  • Fresh paper decorating the walls
  • …Even going above and beyond to make bathrooms spic and span

Clutter, dirt, grime, darkness, and old worn out surroundings have crushed my creativity. When I need to do something different, make something imaginative, or learn something new I truly appreciate surroundings that feed that creativity. My own experience is an admittedly limited scientific experiment, but bright, light, and clean spaces feed the creative spirit.

Thanks to my wife, I have learned that:

  1. Clutter closes in on a creative mind
  2. New and fresh surroundings mean new and fresh ideas
  3. Clean rooms activate the senses
  4. An orderly room brings order to the brain
  5. Art on the walls inspires artful creations

This Thursday our school’s students return to class. They will find bright, clean, colorful surroundings to feed their creative spirit. I’m excited for them.

Need a creative boost? Find yourself a bright, clean, colorful place and watch your art flourish.

What’s your favorite place to create?

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2 thoughts on “Creating a Clean and Lively Atmosphere for Creativity and Learning

  1. So true. The brain needs to be decluttered as well. A short term time of prayer and/or meditation or a weekend retreat to reorg the mental file cabinet can work wonders.