Creatively Investing in the Future

This weekend I will be reminding people that they are creative. I am providing the keynote address for a meeting of the Lutheran Church Extension Fund Congregational Advocates for the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod in Florida and Georgia. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? It’s a group of people who actively engage their congregations to do some investing that will build church buildings and further the spread of the Gospel.

These are dedicated people. They serve their church and community. This group of people is investing an entire weekend toward learning better how to invest in others. In fact, the theme of the weekend is: Creatively Investing in the Future.

So here’s a little sneak peak at what I’m going to tell them. I will remind them that they (like you!) were created to be creative. They are artists in the sense that Seth Godin has defined it: “Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient.” And I would add that art changes the one creating it, as well.

So I am encouraging them to ask themselves three questions:

  1. Am I creative? The answer I’m going for is: “Yes! I’m creative” The Creator of the universe has created human beings with creativity in their DNA. He spoke all other creatures into existence. But when it came to human beings He molded us out of the clay. Go look at Genesis 2. You are precious. You are unique. You are distinct. You have a mix of gifts and abilities no one else on this earth has.
  2. Am I making the right investments? Some of the best investments we make are the investments we make in people. It’s part of who we are as human beings to interact with and bring value to other people. Loving people and helping people is an investment we make to improve our families, communities, and the world. How can you more intentionally do that?
  3. Am I looking toward the future? We’re always looking forward. Moving ahead. Taking steps into the great unknown. What that means is sometimes we have to make adjustments as we go. One of the things that the best entrepreneurs do is what they call “pivot.” When something just doesn’t seem to be working, they pivot in another direction. As you look to the future, where can you pivot to be more effective in your vocation or in your family? Don’t ever consider an “end” a “dead end.” There are always different ways of doing things. There are always other opportunities.

How are you creatively investing in the future?

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