Creativity Friday (Black Friday Edition)

This week’s Creativity Friday (Black Friday Edition) brings you:

  • Ideas for a fun and productive weekend,
  • An almost foolproof way of getting meeting’s with people,
  • 3 keys to good storytelling on social media,
  • And a Black Friday bonus article. 

Happy reading!

Hello friday! Creative calligraphic card.

  1. Success means being intentional about the way you live life. That includes using weekends in wise, creative, and reflective ways. Check out this article from Inc.: 5 Ways Remarkably Successful People Spend the Weekend
  2. Although this article focuses on getting meetings with people so that you can land a job, it would also work well for networking meetings, informational meetings, mentoring meetings, or creative content meetings. The Muse hits the nail on the head with this one: The Email Template That’ll Get You a Meeting with Anyone You Ask
  3. Let’s face it, wise use of social media is extremely important today, no matter your business or station in life. Fast Company shows us how Stephanie Horbaczewski does it by utilizing community, using the human touch, and meeting your users where they are: Master the Art of Storytelling with These 3 Lessons from Stylehaul’s CEO

Black Friday Bonus: This quick article from Lifehack provides exactly what it says. Use these 20 ways to get a real spike in your creativity: 20 Ways to Stay Ultra Creative

What articles about creativity have you seen this week? Share them in the comments below…

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