Creativity Friday, Christmas Countdown

Today is creativity Friday and Christmas countdown is on. Christmas is coming, a very creative time of year. We’re counting down the days now, as preparations are made in our hearts and homes for a very special Birth. The weekend is a great time to get to work on your holiday projects, decorations, or gifts. It might also be the time you start your blog, book, or new song. Take at least a little time this weekend for a creative pursuit. You will thank yourself.

Here are three articles to:

  • Tap into some classic creativity
  • Use a network to enhance your creativity
  • Recognize the power of “story” to unlock your creative block

Read on…

Hello friday! Creative calligraphic card.

  1. Behind the Scenes on “A Charlie Brown Christmas” How could we get through the Christmas season without at least one viewing of this classic. Take a look at some of the original scripts and original drawings. It’s guaranteed to inspire you with a little Christmas creativity.
  2. The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Really Succeed Here’s the story of Ernest Hemingway, and how a creative network really helped him succeed in his creativity. Where is the network you can join?
  3. Got Writer’s Block? Are you stuck on your current creative project? This article provides some great advice to tap into the “power of story” to unlock and unleash your creativity. Check it out.

What articles concerning creativity did you see this week? Please share them in the comments below.

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