My 10 Favorite Cities in the US

I’ve always been a city boy. Never had much interest in the country. It’s too boring. Not enough for me to do.

It’s been my pleasure to be able to visit and live in some incredible cities over the years.  Here are my ten favorite cities, in order.

10. Denver. Mountains. Culture. Stadiums. Theme Park. Great place to visit.

9. New Orleans. French Quarter. Fantastic food. Lake Ponchartrain. Fantastic architecture. Trolleys.

8. Orlando. Disney. Weather. Enough said.

7. San Francisco. The ultimate in multi-culture. Cable cars. Great food. Golden Gate Bridge. Fisherman’s Wharf. Incredible views.

6. San Diego. Perfect weather year-round. Beaches. La Jolla. Seals. Gaslamp District. Downtown baseball.

5. Washington, D.C. History. Monuments. Smithsonian. Traffic. The Beltway. Friends. Politics. Smart people.

4. Chicago. The Magnificent Mile. Great neighborhoods. Magnificent architecture. Shopping. Walking. Food. Fun. Lake Michigan.

3. Milwaukee. The most underrated city in the United States. I’ll pit the restaurants there against most any city in the U.S. Beautiful architecture. No traffic. Salt-of-the-earth people. Lake Michigan. Great biking. Fantastic theatre. The Third Ward.

2. Nashville. Music. Southern hospitality. Night Life. Interesting Neighborhoods. 12th Street South. Franklin, Tennessee. Weather. Hills. Bluebird Cafe. Music. Music. And more music.

1. New York City. Broadway. Diverse neighborhoods. Walking tours. Restaurants like no other city. The High Line. Energy like no other place on earth. New discoveries every day. Rockefeller Center. 5th Avenue. Boroughs. Times Square. Subway. Music. The ultimate city.

Do you agree with my list? What is your favorite city?

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12 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Cities in the US

  1. Pastor,

    What are some restaurants in the Mil that the fam and I need to try? We seem to have trouble branching beyond Applebees and Highland House.

    Love your blogs!


    • Thanks, Rachel. For starters: La Merenda, Botanas, Water Buffalo, The Palms, Third Ward Caffe, Centro Cafe, Juniper 61, Zarletti, Ryan Braun's Graffito, Sala da Pranzo, Cubanitas, …and when you're finished with these, come back and I'll give you some more.

  2. St. Louis, MO and Springfield, IL…two of my favorites. I've made a list of the restaurants you suggested to rachel ferry because I have lived in Milwaukee my entire life and am ashamed to say I have only been to 2….guess I just don"t get out much????? We miss you, and hope you are doing well….:)

  3. Great list. I'd probably substitute Seattle or San Antonio for Chicago. San Antonio isn't a really big city, so maybe it wouldn't fit in this list. While Chicago has all those great opportunities it just stresses me out. Getting from place to place, crazy highways, tolls … Rrrr. I can never relax and enjoy it. I've only been to Milwaukee twice, but from following your blog and comments it sounds like the kind of place I'd put on my list.

  4. Wait did I read right Traffic was one of the things you loved about DC ?!?! You did drive rush hour here right ?;) As for the beltway wait till you see what they have done to it now .

  5. Wow. I can't believe that I have actually been to all the places on someone's list! Though Nashville and Denver were when I was a kid, not quite the same.

    Seattle, San Antonio and Austin would be on my wish list.

  6. Love your list! I agree with Chicago (Go Bears! – just had to), San Francisco and New York City. There are definitely a few I have not been to that I can't wait to visit like New Orleans. I would add Boston – fabulous food and the history is simply wondrous! Only if I lived in Cinderella's castle at the Magic Kingdom with Prince Charming and some cute mice would Orlando make my list… :>

    • Yep. We've been there a couple of times and love it. Would love to plan another trip and have you show us some great stuff.