Take Another Look

Sometimes what you were looking for was actually there all along. Take a look at something. What do you see? Now take another look. Do you see anything else? Now take one more look, and actually try to see something different. What you see may surprise you.

That’s what happened to Serena Malyon. The young art student looked at some of Van Gogh’s famous paintings. Then she looked again through the magic of Photo Shop software, and saw something stunningly and brilliantly new. Some of the results are shown here. Here’s a sample:

Do you have a problem, a project, or a practice you are trying to solve, change, or into which you’d like to breathe new breath? Look at it more closely. Look at it from further away. Look at it from above or beneath. Put it away for a day and look at it again. Try to find new perspective. Along the way you are sure to find creative beauty, a resolution to your problem, new life for your project, or the new breath of life for something that was dead.

How has looking at something from a different perspective helped you?

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4 thoughts on “Take Another Look

  1. Perception is fascinating. And the big problem is that so much of the way we view the world is done through habit. So…change your habits. There's a whole new world out there just waiting to be seen for everyone.

  2. Im working on a logo that summarizes my calling at Faith Lutheran as pastor. It involves an eye. And there is a story behind that. Recently, God revealed to me that the source of much of my discouragement about being a pastor is that I have been looking at the people to validate my ministry or even the power of the Gospel rather than looking at Christ crucified. This epiphany came to me as I was on my stomach on a dock, looking into pond water. It was a very powerful experience.