Top 10 Things to Do While Waiting in Line at the Apple Store

Have you walked by an Apple Store recently? Please tell me if you see one without a line out the door. Steve Jobs created things for us that we didn’t even know we needed or wanted. The devices sold at the Apple Store have made life more convenient, brought us closer together, and put power in the palm of our hand. Wish I would have bought Apple stock ten years ago.

I was there the other day to get my new iPhone 4S (yep…I waited almost a week to take the plunge; and, yep, Siri is incredible). I had to wait in a short line. While I waited I was amazed at the reactions of people as they were trying to get into the store. It’s incredible how rude and impatient people can be.

As I stood there waiting, I did my best to smile and be pleasant. I also came up with a creative exercise. As I waited I thought about the top ten things to do while waiting in line at the Apple Store:

  1. Count the number of times you hear the name “Steve Jobs.”
  2. Listen in on a one-to-one coaching session.
  3. Dream up your own app.
  4. Make up the background stories of Apple Store workers.
  5. Marvel at the vastly different types of people who buy Apple products.
  6. Take in the cacophony, and try to pick out a conversation.
  7. Watch a video on a high definition computer monitor.
  8. Discuss the finer points of upgrading your iPhone with others in line.
  9. Imagine the store painted all in black, instead of all white.
  10. Use your old iPhone’s stop watch to clock your time in line.
What would you do if you had to wait in line at the Apple Store?

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