Tuesday Brain Dump: Smile, Ride Your Bike, & Be Thoughtful

Here are just a few things that have been on my mind lately. It’s time to dump some of it out.

  • Smile. I was getting my new Florida driver’s license on Monday, and I noticed all of the people getting their pictures taken. It was interesting how smiling for a picture changed almost everyone’s disposition. Just a little smile. That’s all.
  • Ride your bike. Tammy and I took a long, long bike ride the other night. Riding a bike always makes me feel like a kid. It’s great exercise and such a freeing feeling. Get out your bike…and ride it…today.
  • Take out a blank sheet of paper. Seth Godin has recently been writing a great deal on his blog about the blank page. (Don’t just read past that link; click on it.) It has resonated with me as I am starting a new ministry in a new place. What if every group, board, and organization threw away “we’ve always done it this way” and started with a blank sheet, like Google? What new ideas, ways of thinking, and new strategies would come to the fore.
  • My Milwaukee Brewers are out of the race for the post season. This past weekend they were swept by the division leading Cincinnati Reds, effectively eliminating them. Now they are in “selling mode,” looking to make trades to bolster their farm system. What if, when we got behind in real life, we could go into “selling mode”?
  • Kids’ Play. As a kid, I remember playing “war” and being genuinely fearful as we crawled along the ground trying to avoid the “bullets” buzzing above our heads. There was nothing of which to be afraid. Now, it seems, there really are scenarios where that might happen, and there are genuine reasons to fear.
  • Be thoughtful. Having recently relocated, I can’t tell you how much “thoughtful” people mean to us. We have been blessed here with people who have gone above and beyond in very thoughtful ways. What can you do today to show thoughtfulness to someone who may really need that extra boost?

What are you dumping out of your brain today?

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One thought on “Tuesday Brain Dump: Smile, Ride Your Bike, & Be Thoughtful

  1. Hahahaha… Queen: "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike, I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it WHERE I LIKE" = Maybe we will ride it through a blank sheet of paper! Yes! Thanks for the jump start on this day!