What’s So Great About Friday?

You’ve seen it, haven’t you? Just take a look at Twitter or Facebook on a Monday morning and count how many times you see a statement something like this: “I can’t wait until the weekend,” or “When’s it going to be Friday,” or “It’s only Monday…can this week go any more slowly?”

Most people agree: Fridays are great.

Here are 11 reasons why:

  1. Friday evening at 5:00 means you have the whole weekend in front of you.
  2. In many workplaces it’s “casual day.”
  3. In Milwaukee: Fish Fries.
  4. Date night.
  5. Staying up late.
  6. Less stress.
  7. Get-togethers with friends.
  8. Watching a “guilty pleasure” on TV.
  9. Looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning.
  10. For many people (except pastors, emergency workers, medical staff, and others): two full days without the pressure of formal work.
  11. It’s a day that once a year is called “Good.”

Why do you love Fridays?

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