10 Simple Things to Do Before Christmas

As of today there are twenty-seven days until Christmas. Sure, that means you only have about twenty-six of those days to go shopping. But there’s so much more to this season than just shopping. For most of us, the next few weeks will be a whirlwind of activity. It’s going to fly by. So let’s be intentional about taking advantage of these golden days.


Here are ten simple things to do before Christmas:

  1. Find a brand new Christmas song and put it on repeat. Here’s one for you to try. (Full Disclaimer: It’s a Christmas song by our son’s musical project, MY RED + BLUE.)
  2. Go to church. It’s OK if you haven’t been for a while. You will be welcome. And now, more than ever, we all need that kind of faith and stability in our lives.
  3. Experiment with a smile. When you find yourself shopping (and you will at some point this season), do a little experiment. It’s an experiment that my wife and her dad carried out when she was small. Intentionally smile at people and see if they smile back. Spread a little cheer.
  4. Tip your server well. The quickest and easiest way to get money to people who really need it is by tipping well. Many servers work long hours, holidays, and at times when many of us are sleeping. Tip at least 20% during this holiday season.
  5. Watch a classic Christmas special. My favorite is “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Here’s a schedule for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  6. Surprise a neighbor. How about taking over a plate of Christmas cookies? Another idea is to leave a simple, inexpensive small gift on their doorstep. If you live where it snows, shovel their sidewalk. It you live where it doesn’t, power wash their driveway.
  7. Start an ornament collection. For years, my wife and I have been giving our children a new Christmas ornament every year. Now that they are both married, they each have a collection of their own ornaments to decorate their trees. The ornaments were often from a vacation or a significant event during the year. Why not start a collection for yourself?
  8. Throw a party. It doesn’t even have to be anything big. Have a few friends over for a special dinner. Put on a game night. Throw a party where everyone brings a small gift, each person draws a number, and when your number is selected you can either pick a wrapped gift, or steal one that’s already been opened. Watch the laughter ensue!
  9. Volunteer for, or donate to, a worthy cause. The need is always great, but it seems food banks, homeless shelters, and thrift shops are especially busy at this time of the year. They will appreciate your help.
  10. Begin planning for 2017. Too many people enter the new year without a plan. Then they flounder. Soon they wonder where all the time went and are disappointed that they didn’t complete the many things they wanted to. It’s possible to prevent this. Get a free PDF where 30 thought leaders share how they start each year. Simply click here. It’s a wonderful resource.

What’s a simple thing you would suggest we should do before Christmas?

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