10 Things to Love About America on July 4th

I love the United States of America. It doesn’t take much for a lump to come to my throat when I sing the Star Spangled Banner or see something patriotic. The American Adventure at EPCOT in Walt Disney World is a wonderful depiction of the history of our country. When I had the opportunity to stand at the base of Mount Rushmore I dropped my mouth open in awe. I’ve been blessed to see our great country from sea to shining sea.


If you’re like me, you love this country, too. Here are ten great things to love:

  1. The vast variety of landscape. Driving this nation from one end to the other, as my friends Adam and Justin Fricke are right now, it will show you mountains and valleys, plains and rivers, lakes and land formations.
  2. The vast variety of culture. You will find Cajun culture in New Orleans, Cuban culture in Miami, and Native American culture in the north woods of Wisconsin. In fact, in New York City alone you will experience the cultures of varying nations and peoples in one day by taking the subway from one end of town to the other.
  3. The vast variety of food. Eat your way across America by sampling Tex-Mex in Texas, fish tacos in San Diego, and clam chowder in Boston.
  4. The vast variety of people. Our nation is filled with Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, blue collar and white collar workers, factory workers and entrepreneurs. And that’s a good thing. Variety is the spice of life.
  5. The vast variety entertainment. Every region has their sports teams to root on. The NFL, the NBA, MLB, college football and basketball, give us something to cheer about. Broadway and Hollywood, golf courses and bike paths give us much more than enough to do with our free time.
  6. The vast variety of roadways. Our interstate highway system is second to none. It’s a quick, easy, and relatively safe way to get most anywhere in our nation. But the alternative routes of two lane highways and city streets allow us the opportunity to see things an interstate would never show us.
  7. The vast variety of art and architecture. From Georgia O’Keefe to Andy Warhol, from Andrew Wyeth to Edward Hopper, our museums are filled with art that inspires. From the Empire State Building to the Transamerica Building, from the Space Needle to the Gateway Arch, our cities are filled with buildings that make life interesting.
  8. The vast variety of climate. If you want to you can live in a place with four (or more!) seasons…or just one.
  9. The vast variety of ways to make a living. Work in retail or in a restaurant. Work in ministry or government. Work for en employer or for yourself. There are countless ways to make an honest dollar in our great country.
  10. The vast variety of men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. Last, but not least, these people are the ones who have made our country great and made our country free. I salute all of you who have served or are serving us in such a significant way.

What do you love about America?

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