A Company That Knocks Your Socks Off With Creativity

How many times have you taken your laundry out of the dryer only to find that you had lost a sock? Now you are left with only one sock; or if you have two others of the same color, a trio. It’s a perennial problem for all those who do the wash. What happens to all those disappearing socks?

One company capitalized on that dilemma. LittleMissMatched decided to base the entire concept of their company on selling socks not in pairs, but in threes; not matching, but (color-coordinated) mismatched. They started marketing to little girls. It was so successful that they have now branched out  into furniture, adult styles (including men’s), and toys.

LittleMissMatched can trace its success to a number of different things, including the fact that it allows people to be different and distinctive in the way they dress. Their mission is to “build a brand that is FUN, inspires CREATIVITY, embraces individual STYLE and celebrates self EXPRESSION.”

Beyond that, LittleMissMatched has embraced social media. In their most recent marketing campaign they have used a YouTube video of their president to encourage individual creativity (again…by wearing mismatched socks), and by promoting a fund that inspires creativity in kids around the world. Check it out:

What can you do today that could match (get it?) the three-sock, mismatched creativity of LittleMissMatched? How could you spread the word with social media? What issue or cause could you support while you do so?

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