A Simple Way to Help Abused Orphans in Haiti

The world is getting smaller. There is just one degree of separation between me and the people of Haiti. For a number of years my wife’s uncle has been going to Haiti to direct a boy’s choir. He and his crew have had an incredible impact on those underprivileged children both before and after that country’s devastating earthquake.

The world is getting smaller. Through the power of social media I have learned of a tragic situation developing in Haiti. The director of an orphanage had been embezzling money, withholding food, and selling clothing meant for the children. He is now in jail. However, seventy-five children in the orphanage are still in great danger. Food has disappeared, children have been abused, and some have even disappeared. There is one five-year-old girl who currently weighs only eleven pounds.

You read that right. Eleven pounds.

The world is getting smaller. If you want to know more about this tragedy taking place outside of our borders, click here.

The world is getting smaller. An effort is being undertaken to raise awareness in the media regarding this disturbing situation. The group that discovered it is asking that a petition be signed that asks CNN to use its media voice to spread the word and help end child abuse and child trafficking. Again, to read more about it and for a link to the petition, click here.

The world is getting smaller. It means that you and I can have a very real, very positive impact on children desperately in need of rescue, care, and a new lease on life. Please consider signing the petition. Please consider making your voice heard. Please consider using the tools at hand, tools that make the world a smaller place, to bring hope into the life of a child in Haiti.

How can I help a cause that’s important to you?

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