My Top Ten Most Read Posts from 2017

It’s time for all those end of year retrospectives, so I guess I’ll add my own. The year 2017 was filled with an array of events both globally and personally. But it seemed as though you, my readers, were interested in things having to do with church, hurricanes, and family. Please allow me to thank you for returning to my blog again and again. Without anyone to read these posts this blog wouldn’t exist. My deepest thanks to you if you’ve read just one post, or if you read every one that comes out. I appreciate you.

So without any further adieu, here are your favorite posts from 2017. Have another look:

  1. What It Means When Your Church’s Worship Isn’t Cool
  2. 5 Reasons We Miss You When You’re Not in Church
  3. Welcome to the World Crosby
  4. Why the Solar Eclipse Should Make Us Look Down (And It’s Not What You Think)
  5. Why Waiting with Patience Is an Important Lesson
  6. One Very Good Reason God Created Marriage
  7. What It Takes to Be a Good Church Member
  8. What It’s Like to Live Through a Hurricane
  9. When Memorial Day Becomes Real
  10. What to Do When You Doubt That You’re Good

Have a Happy New Year!

What was your favorite thing about 2017?

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