A Story of Grace

A true story:

Once upon a time there was a faithful school principal. Like most every school principal in his day and age he faced shrinking receipts and growing bills. Mr. Faithful Principal’s school provided quality education for children who came from far and wide. Despite shrinking receipts and growing bills the school was appreciated by grateful parents. It was a godsend.

One such set of parents had sent their little first grader to Mr. Faithful Principal’s school. He hadn’t done well at his previous school, so these parents thought a change of venue might help the child. 

Lo and behold, Little First Grader made great strides.  It was not only the change of venue that brought improvement, it was the quality teachers and staff. Little First Grader’s Father called Mr. Faithful Principal to see if there was anything he could do for the school.

Mr. Faithful Principal invited Little First Grader’s Father to his office to discuss this generous offer. In the conversation Mr. Faithful Principal noted that the school was looking to upgrade its math curriculum the following school year.

Little First Grader’s Father asked what would be the price of such a proposition. Mr. Faithful Principal said that it would be in the realm of $10,000 smackeroos.

Little First Grader’s Father got out his checkbook and wrote a check. It was in the amount of $11,000 smackeroos (Note Well: ELEVEN thousand) to Mr. Faithful Principal’s school. The End.

That’s the abundant nature of God’s grace: Always more than is hoped for, expected, or deserved.

How have you seen God’s abundant grace in your life?

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4 thoughts on “A Story of Grace

  1. LOVE the story! I've noted that while sin begets death (both literal and the "living-death" variety), grace begets grace. A young man who benefited from the "grace" of our youth group and its "grace-full" leaders became the most welcoming and active youth leader when he hit college-age. Isn't the greatest compliment to our Good Shepherd when his sheep strive to shepherd other lost ones? Peace, Tom! Pete