Better Alternatives to Coldplay’s “Collective Consciousness”

As serendipity would have it I ended up at the Chicago stop of the 2016 Coldplay tour. Thanks to our son who had two extra tickets, my wife and I were able to tag along. It was a storm-tossed night, but in the end Coldplay entered Soldier Field and put on a phenomenal show. The set was cut short by a torrential downpour. But we got to see fireworks, colorful magic bands beating to the music, and a throng totally engaged with each song.


I love lead singer Chris Martin. I really do. But there was one thing he said during the concert that disappointed me a bit. He was introducing a song that he wanted to dedicate it to all the victims of violence around the world. So he implored the crowd to join together in “community consciousness” and send “good vibes” to Nice, France, Baton Rouge, and Orlando.

I don’t expect Martin to completely get it. He was doing his best with what he knew how to do. But “community consciousness” and “good vibes” are going to have about as much affect on our world situation as a wet noodle.

With all due respect to Mr. Martin, here are some better alternatives to bring positive change to our world:

  1. God’s Law. God’s Law is meant to afflict those who are comfortable in their sin. Though it may not seem like love, it is love of the highest kind. When people are on a path to destruction they need to be reminded of the terror and eternal consequences of sin. Without it they will do what they have always done: remain comfortable in their sin.
  2. God’s Gospel. When people are afflicted and completely uncomfortable with their sin and its punishment, they need comfort. The only real comfort comes from the Gospel. The Gospel is the Good News that Jesus Christ paid the price for all sins. It is given completely as a gift of grace. It comes through faith in Him. It is delivered into lives by the Word of God in all of its forms.
  3. Jesus Christ, the God-Man. Jesus is the only One who can bring about real and lasting change in this world of violence. Until everyone recognizes Him as Savior and Lord there will be the problem of evil. That’s why we work to introduce Jesus to anyone and everyone. There will be no complete end to evil and suffering as long as this world lasts. So we pray, “Thy kingdom come.”

Until it does, we bring love to any and every situation in one of the above three ways. It would be wonderful for Chris Martin to start proclaiming this at Coldplay concerts. But even if he doesn’t, hundreds of people who attend those concerts can certainly do far more than come together in “collective consciousness” or send “good vibes.”

Jesus is the real and only solution.

Would you add anything else to a list of things to bring positive change to the world?

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