No, You’re Not Too Old to Be a Colorful Creative

Spring Hills Senior Community in Lake Mary, Florida, knows creativity. Residents in their Alzheimer’s unit engage often in colorful and creative activities. In a recent newsletter article they show how much creativity keeps minds engaged. They argue that it also keeps our demeanor calm.

Colorful Creativity

You might think that people with Alzheimer’s Disease would be hard-pressed to carry out any creative activities. It is actually just the opposite. Spring Hills’ newsletter article says:

We know that for some people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, creativity and an interest in the arts remain even after other skills and cognitive abilities are lost. Viewing art can promote relaxation, elevate mood, and encourage connecting with others socially. However, when people create the art themselves, the whole brain is stimulated. Additionally, creating art can help in recovering small motor skills. An increasingly popular art activity involves using adult coloring books.

In other words, all art is good. But making art is great. It’s good for the whole brain.

If it’s good for Alzheimer’s patients, it must be good for you, too. A great place to start is with a coloring book for adults. Here’s a really fun, cheap one.

But coloring isn’t just mindless activity. According to the newsletter article, it engages and activates your thinking:

Coloring may seem like a passive activity; the repetitive back-and-forth/up-and-down motion can be relaxing and calming, absorbing our minds and allowing us to let go of our worries. In reality, coloring is a purposeful activity. Choosing just the right color arouses the mind, as does concentrating on coloring within the lines.

There’s no need to wait until you’re older to carry out some colorful creativity. Your colorful creativity today will:

  • Engage your brain
  • Stimulate thoughts
  • Relax your body
  • Calm you down
  • Provide motivation for mundane activity
  • Provide something beautiful for the rest of us

No matter your age, take the time to make some art. It’s good for you. It’s good for your brain.

What keeps you from making (even simple) art?

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