Creativity Friday: This Week’s 3 Best Articles on Creativity

Today marks the beginning of “Creativity Friday.” Every Friday I will provide my three favorite articles from the week that enhance, encourage, and inspire your own creativity. Read on and use the weekend to work on your creativity.

Hello friday! Creative calligraphic card.

  1. In this article and with these images, recover “the inherent power of a child’s potential and imagination.”: The Hidden Superhero in Every Child’s Imagination
  2. In this video, find an insight into how the co-founder of Summit, a global community of innovators, stays on top of his own creativity game: The Secret to Living Your Best Creative Life
  3. In this article, learn from the things Charles Schulz threw away in the trash can: 10 Rare And Never-Before-Seen Comics By “Peanuts” Genius Charles Schulz

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