Engaging a Robust Community on Facebook

Our congregation, Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, WI, recently hired PurePR to help us with our communication, evangelism, branding, and social media strategy. The experience was so beneficial, so rewarding, and so worthwhile, that we are still reaping the benefits.

One of the things that we did as a result of PurePR’s recommendation was to create a Social Media Ministry team. They are charged with taking over our church’s Facebook page and Twitter account. The group has enjoyed their task so much that they can’t wait to meet with one another and plan more strategy. They are doing a fantastic job engaging Mt. Calvary’s community…and beyond. Our statistics of engagement have dramatically increased since we have been intentional about our social media engagement.

PurePR’s suggestions were meant specifically for Mt. Calvary and our ministry, but by adapting them just a bit, I know they would be helpful to you and your ministry, non-profit, or small business, too. Try the following suggestions and I guarantee that your will see much greater engagement both virtually and in “reality.”


  1. Share one original article pertaining to your unique mission and/or focus.
  2. Share one idea or activity for your constituency.
  3. Ask two “frivolous” questions (not necessarily pertaining to your ministry or business) to engage interest.
  4. Ask for prayer requests or other input.
  5. Highlight one aspect of your non-profit, ministry, or business using photos, video, or personal testimony. 

Twice a Month:

  1. Feature one testimonial told via a note or video that tells a story about your ministry, business, or non-profit.


  1. Post an engaging discussion that speaks to the deeper mission of your ministry, business, or non-profit.
  2. Post a video blog from the leader of the organization talking about how things are going and recasting the mission/vision.
  3. Post useful articles and tips on 20 other Facebook pages related to your ministry, business, or non-profit.
  4. Spend 30 minutes “listening” to conversations on other Facebook pages and observing behavior (good/bad) in social spaces.
  5. Seek and “fan” five new pages per month.
What would you add to these lists?

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