Finding the Extraordinary in Everyday Life

Last summer when we were in New York City, we stopped in a wonderful little book store in Brooklyn. When we were there my wife, Tammy, picked up a children’s book entitled: Something ExtraordinaryIt really is an extraordinary little book. It’s about a little boy who keeps wishing for extraordinary things to happen like being able to breathe underwater, having his drawings come to life, and the rain coming down in seven different colors.

Something Extraordinary

In the end, the boy discovers that if he only opens his eyes, there are extraordinary things all around him. He notices the birds singing all kinds of different songs in the trees. The story is written by Ben Clanton and is based on an experience he had early in life. When he was six-years-old he found a parrot, “which landed on his shoulder and then moved in with him and his family.” There really are extraordinary things that happen in everyday life.

Being the fan I am of all things creative we had to buy the book. When I need to be reminded that my life is fully of extraordinary things I pick up the book and read it. It leaves me inspired every time.

In fact, one thing that really inspires me is the very bookstore in which we found this book. It was down a little side street in Brooklyn. We happened upon it and walked in. It’s such a rarity these days to find a good, independent, bookstore where you can spend a lazy afternoon browsing around. It’s a creative and learning experience. You find the most extraordinary things if you spend just a little time in a bookstore.

When I really keep my eyes open I can see extraordinary things right in front of me:

  • The egrits and herons the populate the lakes and ponds in our area
  • The twins my niece just had
  • Palm trees that simply make any setting better
  • Eating al fresco
  • A porch gathering with our friends
  • People at my church who go above and beyond to help and serve for no reason other than they want to
  • A bike that takes me places and allows me to see things I wouldn’t otherwise see
  • The tulips that sit in a vase on our table
  • The combination of colors my wife puts together in our living room pillows and accessories
  • Our children who are doing fascinating things with their lives
  • The ability to find any information I could ever want with a device I hold in the palm of my hand

It’s not too hard. Open your eyes and see the extraordinary things that surround you.

It just may change your perspective, fuel your creativity, and give you new inspiration for the day.

Where do you see the extraordinary in the ordinary?

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