The Incredible Impact of Getting to Know People Better

We have a friend who is a fantastic teacher. Katie writes a hilariously honest blog at night and passionately teaches eighth-graders during the day. Although I’ve never been in her classroom I can tell you that I would be thrilled to have my own children in her classroom. She gets to know intimately her students right at the beginning of the year. I would want a teacher who wants to know my child.


Here’s what Katie asks her students during the first week of class:

What’s one thing you would like Mrs. Brown to know about you:

Isn’t that a great question for a teacher to ask? It’s even greater when you see the honest responses of her students. They provided responses like:

  • I’m not the best at notes
  • I am a bit shy, but as the year goes forward I will get more comfortable
  • I need to be pushed
  • I have a twin sister
  • I love animals and I try really hard but I am not the smartest
  • I lost my dad six months ago, so sometimes I get really moody

Isn’t it amazing how honest kids can be when they are asked an honest question? An immediate trust is formed between teacher and student. The teacher can deal with each student with a greater sensitivity.

As I read that question, and those responses, it made me wonder what might happen if everyone had the opportunity to answer those questions. If you went to work and your boss asked you that question, how would you answer? If you went to church and your pastor asked you that question, how would you answer? If someone in your circle of friends asked you that question, how would you answer?

I can only imagine how we would treat people differently if we knew their answer to this question. The impact would be incredible. We would be more kind. We would be more understanding. People would, perhaps, go the extra mile to help someone out.

In the end, you never know the struggles someone might be facing. So why don’t we ask? And even if we don’t ask, or don’t know, let’s give people the benefit of the doubt and treat them with love, respect, understanding, and second chances.

What’s one thing you would like me to know about you? It’s just between you and me… 😉

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