Is It Mute or Is It Moot?

So…I tipped my spleen a bit on Facebook yesterday, and boy did it get a response. This is what I posted — “Pet Peeve: It’s not a MUTE point…it’s a MOOT point! Stop. Saying. It’s. A. MUTE. Point!” All kinds of people “liked” my status.

Then people started adding their own pet peeves regarding language misuse:

  • How about the misuse of “literally.”  As in, “I told my mom and she literally exploded!” Really? Bits of her went flying everywhere in a big boom?
  • “I could care less.” Ummm…are you sure that’s what you mean?
  • I want a person’s interest to be piqued–rather than peaked or peeked.
  • It’s realtor NOT real-a-tor.
  • I’m tired of hearing about “object failure.”
  • How about ath-a-letic? Isn’t it athletic?
  • Add IRregardless to that list…cringe-worthy, indeed.
  • Nuclear, not nuc-ya-ler.
  • I used to hear people refer to the liberry.

And finally:

  • I am mute on the subject simply because it is so moot!

Sometimes I want to hit the MUTE button when I hear our language being so abused and misused.

What about you? What pet peeves do you have regarding misuse of the English language?

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One thought on “Is It Mute or Is It Moot?

  1. You've only hit the tip of the language misuse iceberg. There are so many infractions, they're weighing on my mind as people write their papers.

    You're so right about the infractions that your thinking is clearly right on target.

    Thanks for the thoughts!