It’s Rhyme Time (Give It a Try and You’ll be Fly!)

When was the last time you wrote in rhyme? For me it had been quite some time.

Until I was contracted to write some hymns. My mind worked out like it was in a gym.

I flexed my brain…and flexed it…and flexed some more. It was like trying to settle an ancient score.

My fourth grade self took great delight. He made a bulb above me light.

Rhyme after rhyme. Time after time.

  • Light/Night
  • King/Bring
  • Peace/Release
  • Hope/Cope

What fun it was to fit the meter. I almost felt like a little cheater.

The rhymes rolled and rolled, and rolled again. And all the ink flowed right out of my pen.

  • Is/His
  • Gray/Way
  • Son/One
  • Here/Dear

It’s not too hard if you really try. The rhymes right out of your head will fly.

So if you need a creative spark, write some rhymes until it is dark.

Your challenge today is to write a poem. I don’t care if anyone’s home.

Leave it in the comments below. That way all your talent will show.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Rhyme Time (Give It a Try and You’ll be Fly!)

  1. I write rhymes every year for my class at school,our own kids and now grandkids during Advent. They get a rhyming note each day….it is taxing at times but fun! This year one of the students finally noticed that they all rhyme!

    Celebrate Epiphany today

    Those Wise Men came a long way

    And, just so you know.

    The camels were slow!