Lean Forward and Learn

I have lately noticed myself leaning forward a great deal. I find myself on the edge of my seat. I’m falling forward across desks and tables. I don’t want to miss a thing.

As I begin ministry in a new place, I want to notice all the little things. It is important to take in the details of people’s faces, the nuance of their inflection, and even their body language sending signals about who they are, what they need, and state of this church that I now serve. It’s almost subconscious, but I can’t help but lean forward in my chair.

It strikes me that we all ought to be doing significant leaning forward in our lives. There is so much to be gleaned, learned, and studied in life. Every day information explodes exponentially. So we need to be paying attention to the things that are right there in front of us.

There is more right there in front of you than you may ever dream. There are all kinds of signals, all kinds of particulars, so many facts, and so many wonderful things to hear, see, touch, taste, and smell. Take it in. Enjoy. Revel.

Lean forward.

As you lean forward right now, what do you notice?

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