25 Awesome Things About Summer

Hands down, summer is my favorite time of year. I would have no problem whatsoever living in a place where it is summer all year long. No, I would not miss the seasons. No, I would not miss the snow. No, I would not long for cooler days.

I. Love. Summer.

Here are 25 of the reasons why I love summer (in no particular order):

  1. Wearing shorts every day.
  2. Sweating instead of freezing.
  3. The feeling of coming into an air-conditioned building from a hot and humid day.
  4. Mild and still summer nights sitting outside on the patio.
  5. Homemade sweet tea.
  6. Milwaukee Brewers Baseball.
  7. Riding my bike.
  8. No snow to be shoveled or mess up everything in sight.
  9. The July 4th Holiday.
  10. Al fresco dining.
  11. Vacation.
  12. Significantly More daylight.
  13. Driving with the windows down.
  14. A nice clean car.
  15. Fireflies.
  16. My seats underneath Bob Uecker at Miller Park.
  17. Running without bundling up.
  18. A tan head. 😉
  19. Golfing 18 holes all the way until dusk.
  20. Gin and tonic.
  21. Cooking out.
  22. A breeze blowing through the house.
  23. Outdoor U2 concerts.
  24. My wife doesn’t have to work.
  25. Milwaukee is transformed into one of America’s premiere cities (…in the winter you can have it).

What would you add to this list of reasons to love summer?

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