New Chapters and Big Risks

Sometimes creativity requires new chapters and big risks. I’m in the midst of starting a new chapter and witnessing a big risk, but it’s not my own. And it’s not just because the new year is right around the corner.

We are in the midst of traveling to Orlando, Florida. It’s not necessarily a pleasure trip. We’re moving our daughter, Ashlyn, there. She’s starting a new chapter by taking a big risk:

  • She knows no one in Orlando
  • She doesn’t have a job
  • She only has a temporary place to live

I don’t know necessarily when it started, but for a long time now, she has wanted to work for Disney. Ashlyn graduated with a degree in theatre. She loves kids. She loves entertaining and making people happy. She’d love to be a Disney princess (yeah, really). Or, at least work at Disney in some creative capacity.

In order to turn the page to that new chapter, she’s got to take a big risk. No risk, no new chapter. No risk, no Disney. No risk, no chance of any of it ever happening. This whole plan may include U-turns or variations along the way. But to her, it’s all worth it.

Sure, it’s a risk. But a risk should never be taken without preparation:

  • She has spent the last six months working and saving money
  • She has set specific goals
  • She arranged temporary housing
  • She made important connections at Disney
  • She’s ready to take on temporary jobs until the larger goal comes to fruition

The new calendar year begins this weekend. Are you ready to turn the page to a new chapter in your life? Are you set to take some risks? If you have answered yes to both of these questions, now is the time to begin preparations. What do you need to do before you start a new chapter and take a calculated risk?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Set a major goal for every month of the new year
  • Take a couple of days to think through Michael Hyatt’s Life Plan
  • Use smaller goals and objectives to work toward the larger ones
  • Have faith in your own gifts and abilities
  • Don’t worry about what “others” think
  • Think creatively
  • Turn the page, take the risk, and start the chapter.
What new chapter are you going to start in 2012, and what big risk are you going to take? Please respond and share your thoughts.

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