The Surprising Way Timing Can Be Your Best Friend

Time is a funny thing. I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking about it lately. I suppose it’s because I have become a grandfather. I simply cannot believe how quickly time passes. Just yesterday I was a child, just in high school, just graduating from college myself. I can remember specific, long ago, points in my history very vividly. But now I’m already a grandfather. And my parents are great-grandparents. How does that happen? It’s all about timing.

Today I heard an interview with Bob Beaudine. Bob is a “head hunter” who has placed some of the most high profile coaches and executives in the country. It was a fascinating interview. But in terms of the issue of time and timing, this is what Bob had to say:

Time is everyone’s enemy. Timing is everyone’s best friend.

As I have been noting recently, time slips away far more quickly than most of us would like. It’s our enemy. I have a nephew and a niece who are getting married this summer. They are publicly counting the days until their weddings. I understand that they’re excited. But I just want to tell them what my sainted grandmother-in-law often said: “Don’t wish your life away.” In other words: the day will come; enjoy each moment; life goes by so quickly…don’t wish it away.”

Time is an enemy because it keeps going and never stops. But timing takes people and places and makes them come together at just the right time. For those of us who view life from the standpoint of faith we see that it is God Himself who creates perfect timing. My interaction with African American Christians has taught me the phrase: “God may not be there when you want Him, but He’s always on time.” And the Bible itself says:

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. (2 Peter 3:9)

So here’s the surprise. When you look back through time you can see just how many times the timing was just right. For instance, when I graduated from high school I auditioned for and was selected to become lead singer in the Christian band, Joy, Inc., that traveled the country performing concerts. It just so happened that there was a woman who decided to take a break in the middle of her college career to audition for the group. She was selected to be a singer and also joined the group. Her name was Tammy. Eventually she became my wife.

Timing was everything, and timing was perfect.

When you get discouraged about the speed of time, I’d encourage you to look back and think instead about timing. Take note of the places in your life when the timing was just right. Then think about the One who has put both that time and that timing in place.

When have you seen perfect timing in your life?

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