The Brilliance of a Wish List

If you’re not using it, you should be. didn’t invent the “wish list,” but they certainly use it brilliantly. Amazon observes my purchases. Occasionally they send me an email that “suggests” books or other materials that I might like to buy. If I’m not ready to buy any of the items, I can click a button and immediately add it to my “wish list” on the web site.

It also works when I’m browsing the site itself. If I see something that I like but am not quite ready to buy, I can click a button and put it on my “wish list.” I already spend too much money on books. I have a stack sitting next to me right now that I need to read. Even if I could afford to, it would be silly for me to buy more books than I could possibly read. But I can delay my gratification by adding books to my “wish list.” If someone suggests a book to me, I head straight to my “wish list” and add it.

Amazon knows that if I have a special place to list the books I’d like to buy, I will be more likely to buy them in the future. And I do. On occasion I will look at my “wish list” and purchase the book that I most need to be reading at that moment in time.

Beyond that, I can share my Amazon “wish list” with other people who may want to buy me gifts. They will know that I will truly enjoy the purchases they make, because I placed them on my “wish list.”

I’ve also noticed that by randomly adding things to my “wish list,” I have unknowingly shown myself what my passions are, what I’m interested in learning more about, and what I enjoy. Most of the things on my list have to do with (surprise, surprise) writing, creativity, social media, ministry, and culture.

Two Points:

  1. Try the “wish list” for yourself. You’ll learn something about yourself, and you’ll develop a great list of books to read.
  2. Make a wish list for your life. Really. Make a list. Use pen and paper, a Word document, Evernote, or “Reminders” or “Notes” on your iPhone…whatever.

What do you wish to:

  • Learn
  • Accomplish
  • Create
  • Make
  • Do
  • Earn

As you write it down you will learn your passions, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. You will provide yourself with clear aims and goals. You will create a plan and a path.

So make your “wish list.” Right now. Take a moment and start it. Keep it handy and add to it throughout the day. Keep adding to it over the next couple of weeks. See what you end up with.

Then go chip away at it…one by one…item by item…

Make a “wish list” and make it happen.

Please share some of your wishes in the comments below. It’ll make you more accountable to make them happen. I can’t wait to see what they are.

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