The Sentence of Our Generation

When Neil Armstrong died last week I was reminded of his famous words when he set foot on the moon. The words he uttered became one of the most famous sentences of all time. He said,

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

This sentence has defined my generation. As young children we sat and watched our black and white TV’s as Neil Armstrong took that famous step. Now we make giant leaps of our own, holding tiny computers in our hands. Just last week my best friend in San Francisco took me on a tour of his house as I watched on my iPhone. He was 2800 miles away. He could see me and I could see him. I felt like Dick Tracy.

Our children barely know what it’s like not to have a cell phone. Now they wonder how technology will impact their children. I can only imagine.

It seems as though giant leaps are made almost daily. But far too often those leaps are made by others. While our own hopes and dreams remain just that — hopes and dreams — others are working to make their hopes realities. They are persistent. They show up. They make the best use of their time.

They take the first step.

Sometimes just a small step is actually a giant leap:

  • Taking an idea and writing it down.
  • Planning the next step.
  • Building a model.
  • Having a meeting.
  • Following up.
  • Doing something uncomfortable.
  • Taking the risk by telling someone else.

Neil Armstrong could never have landed on the moon had someone not done the above things. Your goal may not be to land on the moon, but it could be something just as significant or life-changing.

Today I want to nudge you to bring forward idea you have in the back of your mind and take the first step toward making it a reality. Write it down. Plan. Tell someone else. Ask them to hold you accountable and follow up.

Take a risk and take a small step that just might be the giant leap this world…or maybe just your small corner of the world…really needs.

It may just be the impetus for the sentence that will define this next generation.

Go. Now. Do it.

What small step have you taken that, in the end, became a giant leap?

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