Using Accountability to Accomplish Important Things

Have you ever used accountability to accomplish something important? You know how it is. You tell yourself that you want to do something. But it never gets accomplished because you don’t write it down, you don’t tell someone else, and you don’t keep track of progress. It’s just an idea or a pipe dream. Then you wonder why half the year is gone and you haven’t accomplished what you wanted.

It should be no shock to you that I’ve had that problem before, too. That’s why I’ve discovered if I want to accomplish something I had better find a way to find some kind of accountability. It’s human nature. We often need extra motivation. Accountability also plays to one’s competitive nature (which most certainly describes me).

So how do you hold yourself accountable? Here are some ideas:

  1. Write it down. I have found that when I write down my goals at the beginning of a year, I am far more inclined to attain them than if I don’t write them down. In 2016 I wrote down my eight goals and accomplished, or very nearly accomplished, almost all of them. Full disclosure: In 2017 I didn’t write down my early year goals and have not accomplished as much personally as I did last year. Write it down.
  2. Use a coach. It’s a constant struggle for me to keep myself at a weight where I feel comfortable with myself. I have had some success in the past with apps on my phone and other kinds of calorie trackers. But recently our health insurance introduced a program for healthy living that includes an online, real live coach. As I begin this program I’m finding that I don’t want to disappoint my coach or do things that are unhealthy and have her know about them. I’m looking forward to seeing results that are lasting.
  3. Tell someone else. It might be your wife, or a friend, or a co-worker. And when you tell them, specifically ask them to hold you accountable. With my new healthy living program, not only do I have a coach, but my wife is holding me accountable, too. It’s double the accountability. And hopefully double the success.

What do you do for accountability? Where have you seen success?




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