What’s the Inspiration?

Recently I’ve been thinking a great deal about inspiration. I guess that’s because I’ve been inspired in many and various ways in the past few weeks: I saw a weekend of theatre; I discovered a blog that’s all about inspiration; I saw The King’s Speech.

I’ve even been inspired by playing Words with Friends.

I’ve been inspired by a friend who got a brand new job…the kind of job that fits him perfectly…the kind of job for which he has dreamed. I’ve been inspired by watching hard working young men see their dreams come true in the NFL draft.

I’ve been inspired by some Twitter friends who are currently attending a seminar to improve their public speaking. I’ve been inspired by a friend who recently celebrated the one year anniversary of starting her own business.

I’ve been inspired by looking out at a congregation on Easter Sunday morning filled with people of different ages, races, and financial backgrounds. I’ve been inspired by someone bravely facing serious illness and surgery.

I’ve been inspired by Seth Godin whose book I just read. I’ve been inspired by a brand new baseball season and a brand new computer that makes my work so much easier.

I’ve been inspired by the college students I teach. I’ve been inspired by the men I have the privilege of mentoring.

I’ve even been inspired by two new windshield wipers on my car. (I’m a little obsessed with a perfectly clean windshield on a rainy day.)

But today I’m really curious as to what it is that has recently inspired you. I genuinely want to be inspired by your inspirations.

Would you please leave a comment below and let me know how you have been inspired in the past days and weeks?


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11 thoughts on “What’s the Inspiration?

  1. I was inspired by the six girls who attended my daughter's sleep-over this past weekend (YIKES … could have been grueling!). They were amazing, mature, hilarious. Most inspiring was watching friendships begin created (not all of them knew one another before the weekend). And then, to see them worshiping in a new place, together, tired and happy. Inspiring!

  2. I've been inspired by the spring weather we're finally having here in Seattle. The sunshine does amazing things for soul. The fresh fruits coming in have also been inspiring to me. New flavors and tastes being experienced for the first time this year. And listening to music, both old and new has helped to reinvigorate me this week too.

    And while I can't say that I'm inspired by new windshield wipers, I do get enjoyment out of a clean window on rainy days. Especially here.

    • Nice, spring weather certainly does the trick, doesn't it? Especially with the kind of spring we've had here. Music is so often taken for granted, but is so very inspiring in so many different ways. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. i've been inspired by my team. spending a week together at orange conference, but hearing the hearts of the people i work with as they reflect… inspiring.

    also… sidewalk prophets cd. nice surprise.

    also… pain – some turmoil this week inspired me to be grateful and amazed by God.

    also…. a gummy bear dog toy that sits on my desk. .. its highly touchable, but so cute it almost hurts my eyes, because they cant quite absorb it all.

    also… writing a christmas show with randall goodgame. that is inspiring to the extreme.

    • I'll have to check out the Sidewalk Prophets. Also, thanks for the reminder that even pain can be inspirational!

  4. We were truly inspired this past weekend, by watching our granddaughters; they had a sleep-over at “Grandma and Grandpa’s.” They are wondrous gifts of flowing enjoyment and excitement! Just watching their faces of glee in the simplest of moments, and being able to capture their spirit and happiness. The bright-eyed smiles, the giggles and the hugs are what inspire us. We are truly blessed!

    • Thanks, Jeff. Thanks to you and Michael Hyatt, I have been inspired to register for the October session of DCW. Can't wait! Thanks!