Why Spend Your Life Doing the Same Thing and Not Growing?

Immediately I knew we were in the presence of greatness. Bruce Hornsby came out looking unkempt but proper. He bowed to the audience, sat down, and put his hands to the keys of the piano. The jazz, classical, Motown, and pop influenced tunes were almost unbelievable in their complexity and nuanced diversity. Classical jazz stylings were mixed with pop. When he finally took a break to speak, Horsnby said: “Why spend your life doing the same thing and not growing?”

Piano Keyboard

As a result, he played familiar songs that were now not quite as familiar. He wove songs and styles together. He seemed to be growing in his passion and skill even as the concert moved on.

“Why spend your life doing the same thing and not growing?” Bruce Hornsby made it clear that he is a lifelong student. He can’t stop learning. He adds wisdom and skill to his musicianship and creates something new every time he sits down at the piano. It was a magical night being in the presence of greatness.

I agree with Hornsby. It’s one of the reasons I set aside time each day to peruse my Twitter feed. Every single day I learn something new through blogs, articles, and posts that come via Twitter. It truly is the “educational” version of social media.

The longer you’ve been doing something, the more it will be beneficial to you and to those you serve, or work with, or teach, to do something that will bring growth:

  • Read
  • Try a new teaching style
  • Ask someone who knows nothing about your work to make a suggestion
  • Mix genres
  • Write something bold
  • Listen to a child
  • Peruse Twitter
  • Start a discussion on Social Media

The more you learn and grow, the more excellent you will be in your skills. You will have something to pass on to someone else. She will be inspired to get away from “doing the same thing” and finding opportunity for growth. It’s contagious.

At least it was for me after I watched and listened to Bruce Hornsby masterfully play the piano and sing.

It’s a great question. 


Why spend your life doing the same thing and not growing?

What do you every day to “grow”?

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6 thoughts on “Why Spend Your Life Doing the Same Thing and Not Growing?

    • Thanks, Adam. Wish you could have been at the concert. It was phenomenal. Blessings on your new ventures!

  1. Great post, Tom!!! Yes!! I read. Voraciously. Every morning, I read something to help me grow as an artisan, as a person, to develop my internal consciousness; and every evening I read for pleasure.

  2. The "older" I get the more I realize that I Have not even scratched the surface of knowledge & growth. I often pray Ephesians 1:15-23 …especially verses 17 & 18. Wonderful insight.