10 Christmas Carols I Wish They Played On the Radio

In my last post my readers and I listed and debated which Christmas carols and songs we’d rather never hear again. We had a great time. But someone suggested that I give equal chance to list favorite Christmas carols and songs.

The 24-hour Christmas stations have been on in Milwaukee since before Thanksgiving. They mostly play the songs I listed in my last post. In other words, I try to avoid them as much as I possibly can.

If those radio stations played any of these songs and carols even every once in a while, I might listen to them:

  1. Where Shepherds Lately Knelt, words by Jaroslav Vajda; music by Carl Schalk (Incredible poetry paired with the perfect melody that takes one straight to the manger.)
  2. Of the Father’s Love Begotten (written in fourth century, and still one of the best expressions of the Divine Mystery; I savor it as we sing it each Christmas Day at our church.)
  3. Come Your Hearts and Voices Raising  (Read the lyrics; they will change your heart…and Quem Pastores, to which it is set, is one of the most lovely Christmas melodies there is.)
  4. Once in Royal David’s City  (A carol with which our congregation begins our annual Christmas Eve service; seldom used, under-appreciated, and glorious in its splendour. Click on the title to see it done at King’s College.)
  5. How Many Kings, by Downhere (An instant classic about the King of Creation stooping to a lowly manger.)
  6. Tennessee Christmas, by Amy Grant (A down home song that instantly reminds me of Christmases past; now that we have a child living in Tennessee, it means even more.)
  7. It’s Christmas Time, by Terry Scott Taylor and Steve Hindalong (On the City on a Hill Christmas CD; for the past several years it has been the CD we play on Christmas morning; this song is Christmas to me.)
  8. Behold the Lamb of God, the entire CD by Andrew Peterson (I once was in attendance when the whole thing was performed live, and it was truly one of the incredible experiences of my life. It’s new; it’s different; it’s fresh; it’s faithful. Listen to it from beginning to end. You will thank me.)
  9. A Charlie Brown Christmas, Vince Guaraldi Trio (The Christmas stations do play cuts off of this CD, but they are too few and far between. What’s Christmas without the Vince Guaraldi Trio and Linus telling to true story of Christmas?)
  10. Love Has Come, by Amy Grant (“…and I believe that angels sang that hope had begun, when the God of glory who was full of mercy sent His Son.”)
Which carols and songs would you put into the rotation if you were the program director at a 24-hour Christmas radio station?

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19 thoughts on “10 Christmas Carols I Wish They Played On the Radio

    • Haha! That's awesome! It takes me back to my obsession with late 70's and early 80's New Wave music. Pretty sure I heard that song in Urban Outfitters. 😉

  1. My friend Susan Bruk put out an CD of original Christmas songs some years ago.

    My favorite songs off her CD are:

    "O Come, O come, Emmanuel/We need a Savior" and

    "I Wish I Could Have Been There"

    Her lyrics and music are extraordinary. She lives and shares her music in the Milwaukee area. Her music ministry is a blessing. I have heard her sing alone but she is also in a group called "Sacrifice of Praise"

    Anyway, I would love to hear her songs on the radio. KT

    • "Breath of Heaven" – Amy Grant

      First time I heard it I was pregnant with Casey, and it REALLY brought home to me what Mary must have been going through as she carried Our Savior around with her.

  2. I'll think of 10 more as soon as I post this:)

    Born on a New Day, The King's Singers; Before the Marvel of this Night, Carl Schalk; Gaudete and Shepherd's Pipe Carol, John Rutter/Cambridge Singers; Jingle Bells and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Barenaked Ladies; In the Bleak Midwinter, Sarah McLachlan.

    • GREAT list! I especially like the "eclectic" choices of Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan (though I'm not a big fan of hers). Thanks!

  3. While By My Sheep( I did that one with my Presbyterian choir with a quartet in the balcony and the rest in the front of the church, it was awesome), The Angel Carol by John Rutter, A Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten, and There is No Rose of Such Virtue (which we're doing this year). I also like the spanish carols "A La Ru" and "A La Nanita Nana" and the spirituals "What you gonna call the pretty little baby" and "rise up shepherd and follow". Also, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Sting's arrangement of "The Angel Gabriel" – one of the few things I've heard in a department store that didn't make me want to run screaming from the room.

  4. I will say ditto on 1 – 4 and 10.

    I also like Amy Grant's Heirlooms.

    Mary's Boy Child "we will live forevermore because of Christmas Day."

    Oh Rejoice ye Christians loudly

    Break Forth O Beauteous Heav'nly Light – Bach

    "This child, now weak in infancy, our confidence and joy shall be – the pow'r of Satan breaking, our peace eternal making."

    Wexford Carol

    On This Day Earth Shall Ring

    In Dulci Jubilo

    must stop….