Ten Scents Worth of Christmas Cheer

Isn’t it interesting how a scent can:

  • take you back to a time and place, 
  • change a mood, 
  • cause hunger, 
  • or bring comfort?
  • …sometimes even all at once…

How much more so around Christmas time, when the scents of the season create a warm atmosphere and lasting memories? Since we’ve been discussing the songs of Christmas, today it’s time to talk about the scents of Christmas.

Here are my ten scents worth of Christmas cheer:

  1. The smell of pine, especially when the bottom of the tree is cut off before putting it in the stand.
  2. Fruit in the fruit basket delivered by a friend.
  3. Cookies baking in the oven, filling the house with a sweet, savory smell.
  4. The attic, opened only once a year, to retrieve hidden gifts.
  5. The fresh clean smell of brand new clothes pulled out of a just opened box.
  6. Smoke from a neighbor’s chimney filling the bitterly cold air as you step out the back door.
  7. Coffee brewing to go along with dessert after Christmas dinner.
  8. A gingerbread house lovingly and painstakingly made by Grandma Wessler.
  9. Brand new perfume wafting through the air just after it was opened as a gift.
  10. Cinnamon scented candles on Christmas Eve, flickering in a dim room after everyone has left and the party is over.
That’s my ten scents worth of Christmas cheer. What would you add to the list?

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4 thoughts on “Ten Scents Worth of Christmas Cheer

  1. Eggnog sprinkled with nutmeg. Usually served at Mom and Dad's house after Christmas Eve services at Mt. Calvary before the gift opening began. My other Christmas scent is a little strange – raw onions. Raw beef and onions are a Christmastime tradition that we still carry on at our house.

  2. Don't know how I forgot this one – my son, Steve, reminded me of this one last night as I was sharing your blog with him. We have a log cabin {purchased at the State Fair years ago) that burns balsam incense. Steve remembers when Grandma and Grandpa Friedrick would light theirs – the smoke from the chimney and the scent made the house seem so festive. We have one of our own now and Steve still loves to have it lit during the holidays. When Bryan got married, he asked me to find one for his home. Definitely, a treasured scent of the season!