10 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Favorite Teacher

It’s not just students going back to school. Teachers are going back to school now, too. Say what you want about the nice summer vacation teachers get, when school’s in session teachers work long and hard hours.

The school year is a day in and day out march leading students toward reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic, proficiency. It’s a hard, and often thankless, job. Teachers go hard from the end of August all the way through the beginning of June.

For a teacher, a little expression of thanks goes a long way. Here are ten ways to say thank you to your (or your child’s) favorite teacher:

  1. Have a bouquet of flowers delivered.
  2. Send a gift card with your child to the teacher’s favorite restaurant or store.
  3. Write a simple note of thanks, being specific as to your favorite things about the teacher.
  4. Arrange to sit with the teacher’s class during lunch time, so that the teacher can have a small break from the students.
  5. Volunteer to carry out small tasks such as grading papers, putting up a bulletin board, or cutting out construction paper letters.
  6. Be a recess monitor for a week.
  7. Deliver a cup of your teacher’s favorite coffee drink just before school starts for the day.
  8. Take the teacher out to dinner on a Friday evening (Hint: Teacher’s love Friday evenings).
  9. Tell the principal all of the things you love about the teacher and how much you appreciate him or her.
  10. Arrange an all-expenses paid trip to a tropical location right smack in the middle of February.

OK, that last one may not be very feasible. But you get the idea.

What ideas do you have for showing appreciation to your favorite teacher?

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6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Favorite Teacher

  1. Awesome post, Tom. I'm sure every little thing counts.

    I know teachers have "lit up" when we tell them, each year, that we know how kids are, and we'll believe the teacher's side of any tales our kids bring home from school over and above our child's perspective. It seems they rarely hear that from parents!

    I remember my parents buying an extra ticket or two to ball games, plays, and Disney on Ice performances so teachers could come with us on family outings. They loved it … and as kids, we were able to see and experience our teachers outside of the classroom.



  2. Sad thing is that at our school almost all of these things are outlawed in the Student Handbook. I guess they figure is my cause favoritism. But we do some of them anyway 🙂 Good post again.