17 Days Toward the Fulfillment of Big Dreams

I finally did it today. It’s January 17th, and I finally did it. Before the end of last year I bought a really cool new calendar, called a “Seize the Year” calendar from neuyear.net. It’s described as being “stylish and innovative calendar” designed to “help you plan your year & punch 2013 in the throat.” Just seventeen days on the way to the fulfillment of big dreams.

Neu Year Calendar

I finally put it up today. 17 days into the year.

It was on the floor being flattened out because it came rolled up in a tube. I walked by it every day as I came in and out of my office. It sat there on the floor for more than seventeen days, and I just couldn’t bring myself to put it up.

I finally did it today. I forced myself to pick it up, peel the backing off the stickers that hold it to the wall, measured it up so that it was straight, and put hung it on the wall.

As I hung it up there I realized why it took my seventeen days to hang the thing on the wall:

  • I was scared
  • I was nervous
  • I knew that putting it up would mean that I would be holding myself accountable

There are some big plans and goals that I’m going to put on the calendar. As I think about them, I’m afraid of failure. I’m nervous I won’t follow through. Accountability is a scary thing because it means work, persistence, perseverance, tenacity, resolve, and diligence. It means time well ordered and well spent.

Now it’s on the wall and it’s time to overcome fear, nervousness, and lack of accountability. Sometimes a simple, “stylish and innovative” piece of paper is all it takes to light a fire that ignites the engines and gets a project started. Three or four big projects are going to be mapped out on that calendar, and I can’t wait to see the progress by the end of the year.

Seth Godin says the best time to start was yesterday. If you didn’t start yesterday, the second best time to start is today.

Maybe I’m 17 days too late. I didn’t start yesterday…or the day before. But I’m doing the second best thing.

And now there’s a simple piece of paper that holds me accountable. 

Planning great things is the first step toward doing great things.

What tools do you use to hold yourself accountable to pursue your big dreams?

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