3 Things Modern Medicine Has Caused Me to Appreciate

I’m just now recovering from two days revolving around modern medicine. I had to have a “procedure.” You know, the kind you have to have when you get a little older and have to be screened for potential cancers and other issues.

Yesterday I had to fast all day. All day. Then came the awful “prep.” Early this morning my wife took me to the medical clinic. I was put under sedation. And in what seemed like five minutes it was all over. I woke up and went to have some breakfast. Then I spent the day today “taking it easy” just as my doctor told me.

Going through all this has caused me to appreciate modern medicine and the things that revolve around it. Things like these:

  1. Food. When was the last time you went through an entire day without it? The Bible calls Christians to prayer and fasting. But I wonder how many of us really do it. It’s a discipline that enables us to focus on the Provider of all things and sharpen our thoughts and hearts on what really matters. I did some of that as I fasted. But I’m here to tell you that I was hungry. I love food. I was so thankful to be able to eat again today. What a gift it is.
  2. Caregivers. By my count there were at least nine people who cared for me in one way or another while I was at the clinic. Every single one of them was as nice as could be. Not only that but, more importantly, they were educated and skilled in what they had to do to help me through it all. From nurses, to the anesthesiologist, to the doctor himself, every person carried out their duties to perfection. It was modern medicine at its finest.
  3. Rest. It’s difficult for me to sit still for two entire days. But that’s pretty much what I did. I did a little bit of work. I started a great book. There are some awful shows on daytime TV. But mostly I rested. I even took a nap. That’s a rarity for me. But every once in a while some forced rest is a good thing. It’s even godly. The Lord Himself rested on the seventh day and called us to do the same.

There is much more to appreciate about modern medicine. What a miracle it is. But these three things came to the forefront of my mind this time around.

What do you appreciate about modern medicine?

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