Baby-Sized Potential

When you’re a pastor you get to be with people at the most important and memorable moments of their lives. Today I got to hold a newborn baby, only hours old, while I chatted with the parents and discussed things like length of hospital stay, length of labor, and length of the child.

I got to hold the baby for a good half an hour. And as I stared into that little face, I couldn’t help but wonder about all the potential locked inside that baby body. Would he be a left-handed pitcher? (Most of his family is left-handed.) Would he be a writer…an artist…an athlete…a teacher…a fireman…a pastor? Would he be a good student? Would he play Little League? Would he sing in choirs? Would he one day be a culinary expert or a car fanatic?

Just what is locked up inside that little body and brain, ready to explode into a life well lived? I really hope that these two parents get to have the joy of watching realized potential in their son like my wife and I have been able to watch in both of our children. Knowing these two, I know they will. They will be parents who care for, and nurture, and provide for, and encourage, and support, and love.

But more than all of that, they will see to it that this little boy is connected to Jesus. In just a short couple of weeks he will be baptized, and the death and resurrection of the Savior of the world will be planted into that little heart. Sins will be forgiven. Faith will be founded. Eternal life will begin.

The potential of this child is not just “this worldly.” His potential is eternal. His potential is guaranteed. His potential will be made complete in the Water and the Word.

Welcome to this world, Samuel David! And welcome to the world that is to come. All of your earthly and heavenly potential is guaranteed by the only One who can make such guarantees.

What potential have you seen realized? Please post a response that shows the miracle of potential. I’d love to hear your stories!

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